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You are an influencer, change-maker, and social entrepreneur. You have an idea, a story, a product and you want to connect to your tribe in a real genuine way, create a long-lasting impact and build legacy.
Organic Design Studio offers brand development and creative strategy to capture your zesty essence, voice your unique strengths, and wow your audience with your magic instantly.

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Viktoryia designed our logo, branding and website for our company. She transitioned our goals into a polished brand integrated across all of our customers touch points. Approximately 60% of our customers have utilized our website as their first point of contact with us for new business. We consistently receive favourable feedback on our website design and branding platform. Viktoryia really is a visionary when it comes to brand development and is such a pleasure to work with!..
Jackie McAskill


What an incredible experience it was working with Viktoryia to create my new website and brand! Her capacity, ideas and creative vision to translate my vision was amazing to behold.She is a brilliant artist who works with great heart,enthusiasm, humour and intuition and she delivers masterful work on time. I highly recommend working with her!
Deborah Brodey


Viktoryia is very intuitive, talented, artistic and down-to-earth. She completely rebranded, redesigned and implemented my website giving it a unique, inspired and modern look. Now it completely resonates with me and the message I want to communicate through it. She has also designed a few flyers for me in a very artistic and practical way. Viktoryia is a great creative designer with a unique touch!


Buy unique art prints or order custom ones to express your personal story, inspiration or experience.
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