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Words of Our Mothers (WOOM) is a celebration of the special women in our lives and their profound influence. WOOM is a new way to give thanks and to share gratitude.

The world needs the Words of Our Mothers in order to share the lessons that will help create a strong moral compass to provide guidance in a tough and troubled world and help build a kinder future for us all.

A the core WOOM foundational values are care, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness and ethics. It is simple, clean yet elegant and warm brand connecting generations for a kinder world.



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While being online platform, WOOM goal was to stay as personal as possible, with a feel of print publication or magazine. As a result, WOOM website approach is clean, type-driven with high precision to every word,  and with a  subtle touch of hand-crafted watercolours. 

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“When I first came to you with the thought of creating a space for honoring our mothers and collecting the wisdom of women, I had no idea what it should look like. It was a concept only. But I did know that I wanted it to be authentic, simple and values-driven. You listened carefully and you made this dream come alive in a way I never could have imagined. You captured so beautifully the spirit of this passion project. It was a joy and pleasure to work with you”.

Sherri T.

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