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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect in my branding journey?

First of all, a lot of fun! It is more exciting and creative than you might think it is. That is the feedback I always get from my clients. It will also create a lot more clarity around your service or product and your position as a brand.  While I do the analytical and creative work to create the best brand possible, the process still very engaging and creative for you.

What is the branding process ?

We start with your Discovery Questionnaire and go in-depth into who you are and who your brand is. I do not proceed into creating any concepts without having a solid foundation of your and your business core essence. After the research and analysis I dive into the creative process and let my imagination run wild. I also create the moodboard and colour board to set the tone of your brand. Then we get together for review. Once you select a few of your favourite concepts (3-5) and colours, I refine them based on your feedback  to create that final one. Then we apply colour to your logo and start developing systems, any additional imagery that you might need, i.e. patterns, illustrations etc.  At the end you get your final logo kit and style guide and you are officialy ready to show it off to the world.

How many rounds of edits are included in logo creation?

The number of edits really depends on the creative flow and dynamic, sometimes it takes 4-6 rounds to get to the final logo that expresses exactly who you are, and sometimes you can find “the one” from the first round! ( that did happen before). It’s all up to you and the number of changes in the process is unlimited. Once the final logo kit files are submitted, all additional edits will be charged extra. Please refer to our contract for more details. 

I want to create the business cards and letterhead with my new logo, is it included?

Yes absolutely, the business cards design and letterhead are included  in your brand package

Which printer place do you recommend?

It all depends on what you want and what your budget is, of course. I usually recommend mooprint and jukeboxprint, as they have really fine options available. For general huge quantity and quick turn-around orders, vistaprint will do. It all depends where you will be giving the business cards  as well, if it’s a huge event with thousands of people traffic, do you really want to spend $$ on gold foil premium black paper? But if you want to impress your client, surely go to the printer with the “yay” touch .


What is the website process?

First, we start with a questionnaire (what? again? ) Yes, again. Do not worry it’s very simple! It helps to create clarity around what functionalities and elements your site will have as well as aesthetics. Then we create wireframes (a blueprint structure of your website ) which insures we’ve got all the elements in the right place. Then you send the content for your website, your homepage, your bio, services etc. It is very essential to have it done within agreed timelines as every weekly delay might push website launch back. And lastly we “paint the walls and put decorations” to your website, meaning, making it look amazing!! The last step is we (well me mainly) get into techy part of testing, making sure your site works great across all platforms and devices.

How many edits can I do to my website?

We have a few rounds of revisions while creating the layouts. Once the layouts have been approved and we go to the website production, the standard fees apply for any additional changes (please refer to contract for details).

Do not worry about the limitations, my main purpose is to get what you want out there in the world in the best way possible, however many rounds it will take. But after your final yes, I want to take you you away from the perfectionism syndrome (many of us do suffer from it from time to time) which will make you go round in loops instead of sharing your gifts with the world.

What platform do you use for website?

Because the nature of my clients’ businesses that require frequent or occasional changes, 90% of a time I use WordPress. It has a lot of great tools for blogging, ecommerce, SEO etc. And if you want to make edits on your own, it is user-friendly. 

Do I find the images for my webSIte myself?

I create the shared folder in the drive where I put the images I find for the website, you are free to chose them or not. You can also search for the images yourself and upload them there.

Which stock images websites can I use?

Unsplash, pixelbay, deathtostockphoto have a huge collection of free high resolution images.  If you prefer to have a pay one, shutterstock has a good range of imagery and suitable pricing options.

Do I need hosting if I have domain name?

Yes, you still need to purchase hosting for your domain name. Domain name is only your web address  on the web. You need to buy “virtual storage” . If you haven’t purchased your domain name yet, buy hosting first, most of the packages come with free domain name. So you can save a few bucks here :). 

Which hosting companies do you recommend?

There are a lot of great providers out there and all depends on your budget and functionalities of your site. Will you be selling things online? Do you need a lot of security? We can chat about it more in person. The ones I usually recommend is bluehost, dreamhost.

I don’t know wordpress, how can I update my websiste?

As part of our process I give you 1 hour tutorial after we complete the website specific to your webiste of how to do the necessary changes. I will also upload more resources to the member library for you to use, based on most common questions. Stay tuned for that! And if you need more help I am always here to assist!

I’m done with weBsite but I need help with other products

Branding is just the begining of your journey. Once you get your name out there, for any other needs, i.e event material, promotional marketing, social media marketing,  webiste SEO, webiste maintanance and anything else you might need, feel free to chat with me  and we will make it happen!

General Questions

How do I contact you for urgent requests?

For any requests, email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. However, if there is something completely urgent, feel free to use one of the messangers: facebook, whatsapp or skype

How do I book a meeting?

Email me with your preferred times/dates we will arrange the session.