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About Brand

Practical and creative nutrition tips for real life.

Nutrition Artist is a fun, creative, and adventurous brand with a focus on nutrition with exotic authentic cultural recipes. Nutrition Artist is a credible voice in nutrition for the media (public, who has nutrition related questions), as well as helping food companies with brand awareness with nutrition marketing and messaging from a RD Nutrition Expert.

The Brand values lie in being an authentic and credible voice in nutrition and in person.



Nutrition Artist wanted to stay away from popular branding trends among nutritionist industry – which sometimes is very rigid and regulated, and instead reflect authentic, playful, cultural and very much artistic experiences of food. Custom illustrations and vibrant colours grasp that vision and bring together a totally unique and juicy brand.    



main page


To reflect brand character but to keep the website clean, the combination of beautiful photography and handmade illustration was used throughout. As a result website has a more unique and artsy flair look.


fully responsive

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